Winston Churchill as a young adventurer



With The Case That Foiled Fabian now well into the editing and production phase, I’ve been focusing on my next project. The past couple of months have been spent polishing up the proposal, and I’m happy to say it’s been worth it. This week Da Capo Press made an offer on the book. It’s a non-fiction adventure detailing young Winston Churchill’s exploits as a war correspondent in Cuba, the Northwest Frontier, the Sudan, and South Africa. With any luck, Winston Churchill Reporting: Wartime Adventures in the Age of Empire should be out in the fall of 2016. The deal covers the US and Britain.

Of course, everyone knows Churchill as Britain’s iconic wartime leader—but his early life puts Indiana Jones to shame. The book, although a work of history and biography, is very much an action-adventure story. It’s proving to be an incredibly fun title to research and write. There are still worthwhile stories to tell about Churchill, a man of whom there is no shortage of books. I’ll be posting a lot about the work-in-progress in the months ahead. This is a book I’ve always wanted to write and am, needless to say, very excited about it. Stay tuned . . .

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