Winston Churchill Reporting


"'Adventure' is my middle name."

“‘Adventure’ is my middle name.”

Work on Winston Churchill Reporting continues.  Originally, the book was subtitled Dispatches from a Young War Correspondent.  Now, it’s Adventures of a Young War Correspondent.  Although a work of nonfiction, the book is primarily an action-adventure story—something we definitely want to convey in the title.

It’s received a nice publicity blurb from Martin Dugard, author of the excellent Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone, and co-author of the Killing . . . books with Bill O’Reilly.  Several other authors I admire have also said they’d be willing to take a look at the manuscript, so we’ll see what happens.  The book is currently with a proofreader at Da Capo.

Plans right now call for the book to have four maps, one for each campaign Churchill covered as a war correspondent.  I’m also pleased with the pictures I’ve managed to scrounge up from various archives. Hopefully, the book will be a treat for not only Churchill fans, but anyone who loves a great adventure story.

More details to come . . .

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